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Anytime you need to raise money for a cause, and don't want to have to deal with the high volume of melting, fattening candies, or other useless items, call us.

If you are raising funds for a church or other spiritual organization, what better product can you offer than frankincense and Myrrh? You will make a higher profit with little effort. Excuses about being on a diet, or the gift wrap and other junk items being too expensive will no longer be heard. You will be offering a natural resource that is multi-purpose, educational, and spiritual all in one!  Especially around Christmas time! Its unique, healthy, and has an infinite shelf life. We can drop ship to your sponsors if you like. We make the experience fun as well as handsomely rewarding with great prizes and bonuses. Call today for more information 407-948-9873.

Please send us an mail of with the name of the organization you are supporting along with your order information or call us at 800-627-9813.



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